A Better Way to Design Products: the Engineering Manager’s Perspective

As an engineering manager, you want your design team to be able to focus on what’s important: creating that next amazing new product.

The use of disparate tools, however, slows the process and makes it difficult for your engineers and designers to collaborate and stay laser-focused on innovation. It also impedes your ability to manage people, projects and tasks.


Deliver high-quality designs faster using 3DEXPERIENCE Works on the cloud. It’s the only solution that connects the entire value network in a way that accelerates the process and improves the product.

Effectively lead the design process, adapt without missing a beat, and deliver superior products by adopting these 3DEXPERIENCE Roles:

Learn the Engineering Manager’s Perspective

Download this white paper to learn how a collaborative design process, empowered by the right tools, will enable:

  • Your designers to spend more time innovating
  • Stakeholders to “self-serve” and find the data they need to provide necessary feedback
  • Capture knowledge for continuity, such as requirements, or design intent, to onboard new members faster
  • Support geographically distributed teams more efficiently
  • Always be able to see the latest status on projects