Electrical Schematic Designer

Create Production-ready Electrical System Designs rapidly in the Cloud

Electrical Schematic Designer Role Overview

Bring products to market faster by streamlining the design of electrical and control systems in machinery, equipment, and other products on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Speed up your electrical design and documentation

Electrical Schematic Designer is a purpose-built, easy-to-use intelligent 2D electrical design & documentation solution. Smart electrical design and documentation functionality speed design with improved accuracy.  Leveraging the secure cloud-based technology of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to store, manage, and collaborate on electrical and mechanical product designs. All fully integrated with the other SOLIDWORKS® solutions.

  • Create schematics, control panel layouts, and project documentation for manufacturing.
  • Speed development of schematic designs by leveraging existing libraries of electrical content.
  • Reuse portions of existing electrical designs using circuit macros.
  • Create and deliver all necessary documentation to manufacturing.

Electrical Schematic Designer Role

Electrical Schematic Designer Capabilities

Flexible design workflows and real-time collaboration

  • Single-line schematic

    Produce complex electrical systems using simple pictorial representations of electrical components and interconnectors.

  • Multiline schematic

    Create traditional schematics using a simplified user interface optimized to manage repetitive tasks.

  • 2D control panel (cabinet) drawings

    Generate 2D panel representations from an electrical schematic, with 2D outlines of electrical components.

  • Electrical component and symbol library

    Access an extensive library of industry-standard schematic symbols, combined with a database of manufacturer parts, to provide an easily customizable and adaptable parts base through easy-to-use import tools.

  • Design and reuse

    Reuse circuit design elements (circuit macros), along with non-Electrical Schematic Designer content, through easy-to-use import wizards.

  • Automated terminal drawings

    Create terminal drawings automatically based on and synchronized with the real-time schematic design.

  • Report generation

    Generate reports automatically based on real-time design database queries and create custom reports via integrated custom report creation tools.

  • Automated contact cross-referencing

    Automatically cross-reference electrical contacts in real time and synchronize them based on availability and type of contacts from manufacturer-specific components.

  • PLC tools

    Automate many PLC wiring design tasks, and import PLC data and labels, with the programmable logic controller (PLC) management tools.

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Electrical Schematic Designer Features

Fully integrate electrical and mechanical design using all 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS solutions

Electrical Schematic Designer

Improve Product Development with Design Automation

Reduce development time with electric design capabilities, including design reuse, advanced schematic capture, documentation and reporting:

  • Automate tedious design tasks, including:  contact cross-referencing, wire number, custom reporting, control panel layout and terminal strip wiring
  • Maximize design reuse using Circuit Macros and Excel-driven automation
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) tools: Automate PLC wiring tasks and import PLC data and labels with PLC management tools
  • Reduce errors:  Leverage Design Rule Checks (DRCs) to identify design issues up front

Integration of Electrical and Mechanical

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS family of integrated electrical and mechanical design solutions offer the following key advantages:

  • Single cloud-based product development environment:  insures data and application compatibility across your organization
  • Central access to Electrical and Mechanical software:  install, maintain and launch your electrical and mechanical software from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Central cloud-based project storage:  Story your electrical schematic project together with parts, assemblies and libraries on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Unified BOM:  generate a combined mechanical and electrical BOM from the platform
Electrical Schematic Design

Synchronize Product Design with Collaboration

Cloud-based Collaboration enable design teams and stakeholders stay in synch throughout the design cycle by leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Document team communication:  store project communications and history on Communities, Conversations and Dashboards in one location
  • View, share, annotate, discuss, visualize, and manage designs from any device with a web browser
  • Manage product workflow state and product lifecycle:  track progress by workflow steps along with product and component revision all through development
  • Cloud-based Library management:  Store and manage your electrical content library on the secure platform so all electrical users can access and use the same content

Connect to SOLIDWORKS Desktop

Connect your traditional desktop experience with SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

  • Integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS, the 3DEXPERIENCE Desktop Add-in allows you to access all of your information from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform right from within SOLIDWORKS.
  • This workflow allows you to combine the power of SOLIDWORKS to quickly create and edit your engineering designs, with the collaborative features of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
Electrical schematic design layout

3DEXPERIENCE Works provides a Safe, Social, Connected, Informed and Structured environment for team leaders, project managers and other professionals who want to manage data on the cloud and collaborate without constraints.

Safe: Customer controlled access. Transparent cloud backup. Encrypted communication protocols. Data always safe-no overwrite, no loss of data.

Social: Integrated structured and unstructured collaboration tools enabling social innovation. Collaborate on product design or engage with your stakeholders early in product development.

Connected: Every user always connected to a single, common database. Access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review and markup models.

Informed: Choose from the widget library, Create and share Dashboards. Get the latest information about your product development. Always have access to your latest data.

Structured: Zero overhead data management - store and manage data across collaborative spaces, share information in communities. Find indexed data faster by using tags, custom search, etc.