How to Enable Share and Markup for SOLIDWORKS

In this guide we will show you how to enable share and markup functionality included in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services, to do this there are a couple of settings your Platform Administrator will need to turn on.


Platform Manager dashboard

In the 3DDashboard app, Platform Administrators will have access to the Platform Management dashboard. Find this in the list of dashboards under the hamburger menu on the left and click on it to enter the dashboard.

Platform Management Dashboard

Platform Management dashboard

In the list of tabs along the top of the Platform Management dashboard, click the Content tab and locate the widget for the Drives Control Center app. Widgets can be maximized for better visibility.

On the Share with External section here, there are a couple of settings you will need to turn on to enable share and markup. Enable Shareable Link will allow users to create a link for sending out SOLIDWORKS data to external platform users, while Enable Comments will allow recipients to comment and be more collaborative with your team.

External sharing options to enable share and markup

External sharing options to enable share and markup


Once these settings are enabled you’re ready to start sharing, to learn more check out video guide on using Share and Markup.