How to use Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE with SOLIDWORKS Files

   By Brent Rodgers on May 22, 2023

Undoubtedly the future of SOLIDWORKS is 3DEXPERIENCE Works. It provides CAD aware cloud storage and data management, browser-based design tools that complement SOLIDWORKS, efficiency boosting collaboration tools and a means to Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE!

For newcomers though, the abundance of tools that the platform has to offer can seem, well… daunting to say the least. Having experienced similar feelings myself, I can assure you that committing time to develop your understanding and comfort with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, is well worth the effort!

Perhaps you are just beginning your journey on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or maybe you’re already well on your way. In either case, this article will hopefully further your comfort level, as we review the benefits of migrating CAD data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform utilizing the tool “Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE”, along with some best practices and recommendations.

The Advantage of Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE

A major benefit provided by the “Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE” tool is it allows users to maintain pre-defined organization of SOLIDWORKS files. Instead of just pushing all of your CAD files into a collaborative space, the Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE tool will also replicate the existing folder structure from windows file explore, as bookmarks inside the bookmark editor app. Additionally, this method for uploading SOLIDWORKS content to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows users to continue using SOLIDWORKS for other tasks, while the Batch Save tool runs in the background.

Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Process

Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Process

Getting Started…

Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE is accessible through the SOLIDWORKS application under the Tools drop down menu. If you don’t see the tool listed, ensure that the Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE add-in is enabled.

Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Getting Started

Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Getting Started

Recommended Settings

For a more dependable upload process, consider the following recommended settings:

  • SOLIDWORKS System Options – Performance
    • [Versions prior to SOLIDWORKS 2023] Automatically load components lightweight > OFF
    • [SOLIDWORKS 2023] Manually manage resolved and lightweight modes > ON
    • Load component lightweight > OFF
    • Purge cached configuration data > OFF
SOLIDWORKS Performance Options

SOLIDWORKS Performance Options

  • SOLIDWORKS System Options – Assemblies
    • Use Lightweight mode and Large Assembly Settings when… > OFF
    • Use Large Design Review mode when…> OFF
SOLIDWORKS System Options - Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS System Options – Assemblies

  • SOLIDWORKS System Options – External References
    • Load referenced Documents > select All
SOLIDWORKS System Options - External References

SOLIDWORKS System Options – External References

  • SOLIDWORKS System Options – File Locations
    • Referenced Documents > My Work(username)
SOLIDWORKS System Options - File Locations

SOLIDWORKS System Options – File Locations

  • My Session Options – Save
    • Save graphical properties > OFF [Especially recommended if uploading large datasets]
My Session Options - Save

My Session Options – Save

  • Collaborative Spaces Control Center App. [Platform Administrator]
    • Option to use original file name as title
    • Saving files with missing references
    • Saving files referencing unlocked modified files

Preparing for Upload!

Prior to each upload, it’s important to be familiar with the reference structure of your SOLIDWORKS dataset and as well, perform an analysis to detect and correct any issues. A tool designed to aid in this process is the File Preparation Assistant, which is accessible directly within the Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE tool. The File Preparation Assistant helps to detect and correct the following:

  • File names with leading/trailing spaces (Replaces with “_”)
  • Duplicate file names (Provides ability with options for merging)
  • Extend file names to include at least three characters
  • Detect 3DInterconnect references
  • Detect missing file references
  • Detect missing configuration References
  • Check custom property values for consistency
File preparation assistant

File preparation assistant

Final Considerations for Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE

While the “Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE” tool is a great utility for bulk upload of SOLIDWORKS content to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, there are many considerations to be aware of when migrating your CAD data. Considerations such as fully understanding the condition of all data prior to upload, the landing location for all or certain portions of the data, content contained within the dataset that may already exist on the platform and so much more. Additionally, you may want to consider assigning a dedicated individual, perhaps your platform administrator, with sole responsibility for all bulk uploads. This could be greatly beneficial in ensuring a controlled and consistent upload process.

If the need is to upload large amounts of data and/or numerous datasets, keep in mind that TriMech is equipped to help analyze, cleanse and migrate your data for you. Contact our Data Management team to find out how!

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Brent Rodgers

Brent Rodgers is a Solutions Consultant for Javelin Technologies - A TriMech Company, and is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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