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    Dexai Alfred Robot Chef

    3DEXPERIENCE helped to develop Alfred the Robot Sous Chef and transform commercial kitchens

    Alfred is a robot sous chef, developed by Dexai Robotics. It can go into any kitchen and assist in meal-making, and is especially good at manual, repetitive tasks. Learn how 3DEXPERIENCE helped Dexai to develop Alfred.

    Infocus drill bit analyzed with SIMULIA Simulation

    Developing Oil and Gas Products faster with SIMULIA Simulation Solutions

    InFocus Energy Services acquired the SIMULIA Simulation power and efficiency that it needs to consistently develop innovative, effective downhole products for the oil and gas industry more quickly and affordably.

    Bowhead e-bike design

    Adaptive e-bike business moves PDM to the cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE

    Dassault introduced e-bike design company Bowhead to 3DEXPERIENCE and offered a chance to try the platform and discover its capabilities.